Indian Solution, International Quality . . .

TTK Healthcare Limited is a listed company in the TTK Group of Companies. Started in 1928, The TTK Group is one of the oldest business houses in India. The group started its activities when the country was under British occupation to supply much needed products in foods, healthcare, personal care and consumer durables.

The group's philosophy has always been on providing products of the highest quality backed with efficient service by innovation and pioneering new categories. The innovative products are backed by appropriate international certifications and what was then a unique distribution system which has now been widely emulated by many other companies.

The group operates through six group companies with presence in many foreign markets. Products from these companies span virtually every aspect of living, revolutionising the way people make love, care for children, cook, dress and live a healthy life.

TTK Healthcare Limited itself has a diverse range of products. Its pharmaceutical division deals in allopathic as well as herbal remedies of various kinds. In addition it has a vast range of animal welfare products covering virtually every branch of animal care. Its foods division is famous for pioneering products in ready to fry snack food pellets.

In the area of biomedical devices its TTK Chitra Heart Valve occupies the pride of place. It has a full range of orthopaedic implants.

The Heart Valve Division has its own repertoire of products. Flanked by other implantable products like hernia repair mesh, sternotomy sutures, cardiac repair patches and arterial graft prostheses, the division is marching forward to develop other types of valves, aneurysm repair stented grafts and drug eluting coronary stents.