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TTKChitra HeartValve

The TTK Chitra heart valve prosthesis is unique in design, materials of construction and fabrication. It is the most extensively researched, tested, and premarket clinically evaluated device in India.

The development of the TTK Chitra Heart valve took over 14 years with a combined effort of a group of Scientists, Engineers and Doctors. The valve was developed following all the International Protocols applicable for the development of such critical-use bio-medical device. Each of the materials used in the manufacture of the valve has undergone extensive toxicological and implant evaluation. A specially designed computerised accelerated durability test system was used to validate the mechanical performance and wear of the valve.

TTK Chitra Heart Valves are being used in over 250 major Cardiac Centres in the country with a total of over 1,20,000 implants.

After the successful completion of animal trials, the Ethics Committee of the Institute chaired by the sitting Judge of the land, gave permission for a controlled clinical trial and the first human implant was done during December 1990. Subsequently, a Multi-Centric Trial (MCT) was conducted in the following cardiac centres during which 306 valves were implanted till January 1995.

  • K E M Hospital, Mumbai
  • A F M C Hospital, Pune
  • G K N M Hospital, Coimbatore
  • JIPMER, Pondicherry
  • IPGMER, Calcutta
  • SCTIMST, Trivandrum

These 306 patients were followed up and the report was published. After studying this report, the Ethics Committee gave permission for commercial Production. These patients were followed up again during the end of 1998, after 1212 patient years, and the data has been published in a leading international journal. (Journal of Heart Valve Diseases)

TTK Chitra Heart Valves has been tested in various International Laboratories and the findings were published in leading journals. The results indicate that the performance of TTK Chitra Heart Valves is comparable with any other valves available in the market.

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