Heart Valve Division, Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram.

TTK Healthcare Limited

Heart Valve Division

Indigenous Heart Valves
Meets International Quality
Over 1,50,000 implantations
400+ centers
Affordable Heart Valves
for the World

TTK Healthcare Limited belongs to highly reputed TTK Group of Companies. Started in 1928, the TTK Group is one of the oldest business houses in India. The group started its activities when the country was under British occupation to supply much needed products in foods, healthcare, personal care and consumer durables.

Medical Device Division - Heart Valve started its journey during 1990s and TTK Chitra Heart Valves is being used in over 400 cardiac centers across India with over 1,50,000 implantations. It is the first Indian made Heart Valve and one of the most affordable Heart Valves in the world.